TA-432 Massage Lovely Sponge

Twenty-First Century is a specialized manufacturer and reliable exporter of high-quality bath and household cleaning products especially in the field of textile that use different material apply to different categories. By such specialty, we may provide the solution which effectively the customer needs. In order to meet the customers' needs of different markets around the world.


Main material 30% Polyester , 70% Polythylene
Size W.9cm x L.16cm x H.5cm
  • Available in in various colors and sizes.


  • To be use to clean your body deeply.
  • Massages your skin to stimulate blood circulation.
  • It will facilitate the removal of rough edges.
  • Your skin will become more supple,smooth and radiant after using.
  • It even combats the cellulite after regular use.
  • Colorful and lovely design makes you happy in the bath.


  • The surface PE material is environmental friendly and Free of fluorescen.
  • It can be accepted by all skin types and without allergic reactions.
  • for firm, smooth skin; revitalized and strengthened conjunctive tissue, also in case of cellulite
  • intensifies metabolism down to the subcutaneous fatty tissue; relieving massage effect through fibers