Twenty-First Century is a specialized manufacturer and reliable exporter of high-quality bath and household cleaning products especially in the field of textile that use different material apply to different categories.

By such specialty, we may provide the solution which effectively the customer needs. In order to meet the customers' needs of different markets around the world, we have devoted our fully efforts and concentration on studying / developing new products continuously and hope to offer wide range of selections to every customer. We always insist to have priority for our customer's requirement and in this way we believe that we will keep our customers completely satisfactory on service, quality as well as delivery schedule. For this reason, we have a great reputation in Europe and Japan.

There are three categories for our products -Microfiber products, Bath products and Cleaning products. Below listed are our main items and you could please find more information of them in our website.

Microfiber Products

  • Beauty Cloths - Facial Cloths, Body Towels, Hair Drying Towels, Make-up Removals, ...etc.
  • Household Cloths - Car Wipes, Cleaning Cloths, Dish Cloths, Optic Cloths, Mop Pads, ...etc.

Bath Products

  • Exfoliating Bath Gloves, Massage Bath Mittens, Massage Bath Scrubbers, Massage Bath Sponges, PE Mesh Sponges, Exfoliating Towels, ...etc.

Cleaning Products

  • Cleaning Cloths, PVA Chamoix, Various Mops & Brushes, Scouring Pads, Squeegees, ...etc.

Local sourcing, integrated design, production and QC help us deliver your orders fast and on time.

We provide our clients with high-quality products at reasonable prices. Customer's OEM / ODM are also welcome and acceptable. We are familiar with textile manufacture, dyeing and finishing technology and product design. For massage bath products, we are skilled in various relative materials of yarn / fiber and already have many years of experience in the application of different weave and injection to create different styles. Therefore, there are many components, colors and models for each item. They are not only for personal use but also for professional purposes (such as SPA, Beauty Saloon and so on) or promotion. we are able to provide you with professional analysis, technical support and problem solving assistance. Let us help you overtake the competition in your market.

Have any queries or inquiries now? Visit our website or call us for more information. Please don't hesitate and feel free to contact with us immediately and we will be very glad to serve you any time.